Bubble Pop Deluxe

Flash version for the classical Bust a Move



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Bubble Pop Deluxe is other version of one of those classical games which have beeen played by millions of users for years: Bust a Move. You are likely to know the aim of the game, but if you don’t know it perfectly, you can read on.

Your mission is to destroy all bubbles on the screen. How are you going to do it? Easy, you have a launcher full of balls of different colors, you have to launch them, and when you join 3 or more balls of the same colour, they will explode. The more balls exploited at once, the more points you earn.

In this new version, we will find some new features, for exaple, the games last 10 miuntes, and during that time, balls appear continuosly, so you have to be really good to keep alive in this new version.

Of course, some new balls are included. More different balls, more fun, more bust a move ina anew version that you will love.
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